More Jewel's to come

Hidden Jewel’s Tea is full of excitement! Not only do we have great tasting Pre-made tea; this coming Spring, we will be introducing, “Blunt Juice with Ju” with plans this winter to open the first official, Members Only entertainment lounge, “House of Hidden Jewel’s”.

H.J.T's THC Tea Catering

Catering for businesses

H.J.T also cater events. We offer different package plans that can help create the vibe for your special day! We’re a great additive for unique and 420 theme festivities. 

Hidden Jewel's Teas

Pre-Made Bottle Tea

Hidden Jewel’s Tea is an, “influence” mood tea. We specialize in healing, reviving and stimulating the human senses and body while you appreciate every sip.

Hidden Jewel's Tea Merch


Hidden Jewel’s Tea now has swag totes to make it easier for you to carry your teas. Also check out our customized lighters, too.

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Taste So Sweet.

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